Welcome! I’m so glad you are here. This is a place where you can find the resources to inspire your creativity, unlock your potential, and the support to dream BIG.

I’m Nicolette Lonjers, and I’m a coach for creative people who are not just ready to dream big, but to take big action toward those dreams.

• Maybe you have always been the creative type but a creative career just wasn’t “realistic” and now you’re stuck in a job that drains you instead of fuels your passions.

• Maybe you have a creative passion that you would love to turn into a business but you have no idea where to start and doubt that you could really pull it off.

• Maybe you have a side hobby that has made some sales, but you really want to turn it into a full-time business.

What I know for sure is that you found this website for a reason!

You are searching for more, you feel like you need a nudge, someone to help you find your clarity, your purpose, your breakthrough.

You feel like you have been working so hard, but still haven’t gotten where you want to be. You keep imagining a better future, but you have yet to step into it and years just keep passing.

You are TIRED.

Tired of being afraid to really take your life and business to next level. Tired of struggling and failing. Tired of being stuck in a rut. Tired of settling. Tired of hearing messages to be content with what you have and that you shouldn’t want more. Tired of others expecting more and more from you when you feel like you have nothing left to give. Tired of feeling that ACHE to follow your dream and just letting time pass by without doing anything about it. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

I want you to know that I’ve been there.  I know you, I see you, I’ve been you, and there is so much more for you in the universe than you can even imagine! Once I learned how to understand myself better, the world opened up to me. Instead of seeing myself as a combination of strengths and weaknesses, I discovered what my natural gifts are and combined them with the mindset and strategy to be successful.

This is the time to change your life and start creating the life you love.  It starts with discovering your natural gifts and living your most authentic life. That’s the secret formula to thriving and gaining the courage to live your dreams of having your own creative business.

NOW is the time to trust your intuition and get out of your comfort zone. Instead of working so HARD, you can live your life with ease. Instead of grasping for what you want and always finding it just out of reach, you can let things flow TO YOU!  Amazing right?!?

I can help you gain a deeper understanding of the TRUE YOU and HOW to get the results you want.

Find out more about working with me here.

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