Have you been spinning your wheels trying to make your business work, wondering if it’s really possible for YOU to be the confident, successful biz owner your dream of being?  

I hear you. 

I struggled for years trying to find my thing, perfect my skills, come up with new ideas and work up the nerve to promote myself, but the small amount of money I made was never going to create a better life for my family. 

I started to feel like I didn’t have anything to offer, even though I had years of experience, skills, and I was multi-passionate creative with a Master’s degree in counseling and art therapy. 

Obviously, I was holding myself back, but I didn’t know how I was going to move forward. 

When I became a coach I noticed that it is insanely common for creative women to believe in their dream, feel compelled to start businesses, yet lack the confidence in themselves to actually make their dream a reality.