The ONE SIMPLE Secret to a Successful Creative Business!

Have you been dreaming of a business doing what you love, selling online, working from home or your studio and making the kind of income that allows you to pay off debt, live comfortably, travel, give to great causes and have an amazing life?

Maybe you think it’s a far off dream and not “realistic” or maybe you’ve done the math and it just doesn’t make any sense – you’ll be stuck in a job just to pay the bills and doing what you love as a hobby or side-business forever.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>STOP DREAMING AND WAKE UP!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Maybe in the past, it WAS difficult to make money as a creative or an artist because of the old “starving” artist story. Or the tales of entrepreneurs who failed and lost everything. Or even your own experience of:

  • Only selling to friends and family
  • Not charging enough to make your business sustainable
  • Being criticized for you prices from people who would never buy from you anyway
  • Posting on social media only to hear crickets
  • Working day and night and only making pocket change for profit

I’ve heard this story COUNTLESS times and I have to tell you, the opportunities for making money in 2019 are LIMITLESS!! We have the internet and social media – we can literally reach ANYONE!

So why doesn’t it work for YOU?

It’s because there is ONE thing you are doing wrong.

Intrigued? Keep reading. 

Most people get stuck in this hamster wheel of:

creating –> posting on social media —> selling to someone in your  –> realizing they haven’t made a profit —-> feeling not good enough —-> lowering prices —> posting on social media —> no response —> frustration —->hide from social media for 3 weeks…..

and on and on and on.

Sound familiar?   I totally understand. I spent months trying to figure out how to get my business of the ground and stop selling just my friends and family. But I could NOT grow my following or reach new people no matter what I tried! It was frustrating and painful.

So HOW did I get off the hamster wheel? What was my breakthrough?


It’s simple: I STOPPED treating my business like a HOBBY. 

That’s it!

Simple? YES.    Easy? HECK NO.

It was hard work, but it was simple shifts that helped me (and my clients) go from 0 to full-fledged business in just a few weeks.


Treating your business like a BUSINESS INSTEAD OF HOBBY requires a few simple shifts that you can actually start today – if you know where to begin.

Here’s an example:

  • If you are posting on social media to try and get anyone to notice you: HOBBY


  • If you are posting on social media using tactics specific to your unique marketing strategy so that the RIGHT people see your posts and buy from you: BUSINESS


Simply put, actions of hobby are about you and what you like to do. The actions of a business owner are about growing the business and creating the life you want.

But don’t just take my word for it!

Let me tell you a story about my client Chelsea:

She was a skilled artist and thought she had the beginnings of a business because she was getting commissions about once a month without any effort. The problem was, her commissions were coming at random, her buyers were in control of the process and she never knew when or where her next one would come from. She would never make a full-time income at that rate!

Once Chelsea shifted gears from hobby artist to launching her own business, she started growing an audience, created a plan to sell her work and make an income while she sleeps, and she had a clear marketing strategy to get her work in front of the people who already WANT to pay her premium prices for it. The best part is that it only took a few weeks in my coaching program for Chelsea to make this transformation!

I know that the idea of starting a business can be scary,

but it’s scarier to think that you are going to waste precious years of your life doing something you don’t love, when you could start today and have a business launched by the end of next month!

If you are ready to make the shift from hobby to business owner – or – you have a business that isn’t where you want it to be and want to take it to the next level, Click below to schedule a FREE discovery call to see how this program could work for you.

You will be so glad you took this action toward your dreams!