How To Avoid Busy Work In Your Business


Untitled design-8I see artists, crafters, and Etsy shop owners making this mistake all the time. They do lots and lots of work, stay super busy with projects, spend all their money on supplies to make new things, yet they have no sales to show for it!

They think to get more sales they need more inventory.

What good is inventory if it’s not going to sell? (Wasted time & money)

They think they need to work out how they will handle commission work, but they haven’t had any interest in commissions yet. (Hiding behind busy-work because you don’t know what to do)

They think they need to offer more variety in their products, so they get busy making things without a clue if anyone will buy it. (More “busy” mentality because you don’t really know what you are doing)

This is NOT the way to run a business and it’s definitely not a way to make money. 

I KNOW because I spent years doing these things! For months I would spend money making a diverse inventory for my Etsy shop instead of focusing on the ONE product that was the most popular. 

I spent months promoting my work without a clear message and to the wrong audience, so I only attracted the wrong people.

I wasted money on supplies instead of learning what I didn’t know. I wasted time on busy work instead of engaging customers. I thought I knew everything, but whoa – I knew nothing!

It wasn’t until I got so fed up with my lack of progress and decided that if I ever wanted to have a real business – I needed to find someone that knew what I didn’t and could teach me what to do.

When I finally invested in a coach to show me what to do – it blew my mind how much I didn’t know. 

Even more shocking was how much PROGRESS I made with my business in just a few short weeks doing the right things instead of just staying busy. 

It completely changed me. I was a whole new person. I felt like I was finally the person that I had hoped to be – but I now had the knowledge and confidence to step into it. 

If you are serious about becoming a creative business owner and making the income you deserve, I will teach you how. 

Click here to learn more. 

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