The most important thing you need to do before you start a creative business…

If you have a creative hobby you want to start making money from, or you just have a great business idea using your creative passions, you’re probably anxious to start putting the word out and making money.

But, I want you to pause for a minute and make sure you have one essential thing right before you jump in: your mindset!

You probably thought I was going to say something like prices, or legal stuff, or a business plan. Those are important, but what really determines the success of your business is how you think and what you believe.

One of the worst things you can do for business is continue the “hobby mindset”. It keeps you stuck in cycle of production without really growing your income and eventually you get burned out.

I teach my clients how to switch from the hobby mindset to the entrepreneur mindset. In other words, I teach how to level-up and think like a business owner!

If you are asking “Ok, but what does that even mean? I make produce things and I make sales, then I make more and make more sales – business owner, right?”

Keep reading!!

The hobby mindset sounds like this:

• In order to sell more, I have to make more products.

• If I get jammed with orders, I will just have to pause my sales.

• My loyal customers won’t be able to pay if I raise my prices, so I will keep my prices affordable for all.

• My income depends on how much I can produce in a fixed amount of time.

It’s pretty limiting and it doesn’t sound all that fun, but it’s beliefs like this that make it impossible to grow your business and earn the income you desire.

Believing that what you want and the income you desire is possible is the MOST important thing you can do for yourself and your business. Of course you can’t just fly on belief alone, but it’s the belief, confidence, willingness to learn, and perseverance that influencing every decision you make and every action you take.

So now let’s look at the entrepreneur who thinks in all different directions, is open to new possibilities and opportunities:

• In order to sell more, I have to have the right marketing strategy that engage with my customers.

• If I get jammed with orders, it’s time to outsource & expand.

• I raise my prices to reflect the value of my work and attract new customers.

• My income flows from multiple directions and is limitless.

Do you see how different that is? How a serious business can grow when it’s not stuck in hobby mode?

If you are ready to get out of hobby mode and are serious about growing your biz, contact me to set up a free business breakthrough call!

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