Do you want your creative passion to be your full-time job?


Maybe it’s TIME to STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE feeling stuck in a job that you don’t love, that leaves you with no energy, and doesn’t give you the fulfillment and income you truly desire.

If this is you, you are probably thinking it isn’t possible to turn your passion into a money-making business. Maybe with the “OLD WAY” it was difficult


With the “NEW WAY”, you can become a successful creative (and create a predictable income), and it’s simple and fast.

Maybe you aren’t sure if you’re good enough or lucky enough to go after your dream life?

Here’s the deal…

-you don’t need another college degree

-you don’t have to be the “BEST” at what you do

-you don’t have to be “lucky” like so many friends, family, and teachers will tell you

The “OLD WAY” of building a creative business is to:

>>spend years getting good at one thing while giving away your work for free or at cost.

>>use it as a “hobby” until SOMEONE ELSE decides it’s good enough

>>copy what other successful people are doing until something else becomes trendy

>>desperately hope & pray that others will see you and promote you

>>hope that someone recognizes your hidden talent and offers you a dream job so that you can finally make some money

Then let’s not forget about vendor fairs, facebook parties, etsy shops, websites, youtube videos, networking meetings, selling to friends & family, social media photos, when you get time.


Creative types are so busy trying to do so many different things and be so many different people it’s no wonder they aren’t fulfilled, and they aren’t making any money.

In fact, most highly creative and gifted individuals are only using their passions as a side hobby and barely make more money than the cost of their supplies.

If you are okay with working really hard at a job that pays the bills and spending all your “free” time working on your passion, then by all means, stay where you are.


It’s time to get really honest with yourself.

What would your life look like if…

>>you could do what you love (and it doesn’t feel like work?)

>>you could work for yourself and create a life that fits YOU?

>>you didn’t have to spend all your energy at a job that isn’t really your calling?

>>you were having fun every day and excited for the week ahead

>>if there were endless opportunities for you to grow your passion, use your talents and skills, and help others?

>>you didn’t have to wonder if what you could offer is valuable

It would be amazing, right?

It doesn’t take exceptional talent, connections, luck, or years of struggle to create the life I’m talking about.

There are ONLY THREE things required in the “NEW MODEL” to build a full-time income with a creative business.

Know anyone who might be interested in learning what the three things are?

Are you nodding your head YES to this?

I am thinking of putting together a video to share the three things.

If you would be interested in getting this video, comment below or send me a message and let me know!


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