This Is How To Discover Your Natural Gift

James LouisK. Stevenson-2I truly believe that the key to living your dreams is to use your natural gifts in the best way possible. But how do you know what your natural gifts are? They are probably not what you think.

We often get confused about our natural gifts because we are sometimes taught that our gifts come in the form of talents and skills. In other words, we think that we must have some kind of physically ability that is praised by others in order to be gifted.

The truth is that we ALL have natural gifts that we are born with, and they come in the form of our energy – not the skills and abilities that come from being exposed to certain environments. Anyone can learn to be good at just about anything if we want to be, but our natural gifts are there right from the start. Whether we develop a talent or skill quickly depends upon our desire, motivation, environment, resources, and discipline.

So what kinds of natural gifts are we born with? These have more to do with our personality and energy.  Everyone is born with a natural primary energy type, whether it’s light and fun, subtle and connected, swift and dynamic, or serious and constant.

Some people find that the way they express their energy is widely accepted and praised, so they grow up valuing who they are and sharing their natural gifts freely and authentically.

Others become hurt when their self-expression is misunderstood, unaccepted, or considered shameful by those around them. Often when this happens, a person will decide that it is easier to live as a different energy type and act out those characteristics in order to be accepted and get the results they want from life.

I’ll use myself as an example: My natural energy type is more subtle, introverted, and slower moving. While growing up, I often saw my more outspoken peers praised for being extroverted. I learned that some people were meant to be “leaders” and some could only ever be “followers”. Pretty limiting, right? Being a “follower” sounded horrible to me, since I was a gifted planner, detail-oriented, and full of ideas. So throughout certain experiences in school, college, and even in jobs as an adult, I would often try to be loud, outspoken, sometimes shocking for fear that I would not be noticed, heard, or appreciated for my natural gifts. I did not know at the time that leadership isn’t really about being noticed, and that having big dreams and being an entrepreneur isn’t just limited to certain personalities.  Once I discovered my true gifts, I found that I could learn the skills necessary to serve in the way I wanted and I really just need courage to chase my dreams.

So if you are unsure of your own natural gifts – or if you wobbled between personalities like I did – think about what your first tendency is instead of what you think you should be. Think about what your weaknesses are or what you’ve been told is one of your “flaws”.  These are really just tendencies and judging them as good or bad is really not necessary.

Now – how can you reframe the way those “flaws” are typically labeled?  You will find that your natural tendencies are sometimes judged negatively – but YOU have the right to decide who you are and what your gifts are. Here’s a few examples:

• Are you naturally shy… or were you were reflective and interested in real connections over casual conversation?

• Are you loud and obnoxious… or are you a dynamic individual, enthusiastic about life?

• Are you serious and cold… or do you have a laser focus when it comes to getting things done for the good of everyone?

Can you see how negative labels and judgements can feel limiting, but recognizing who you truly are shines a light on what an amazing gift you are to the world?

What if we all recognized our worth and were able to share our gifts confidently and bravely? What would happen in the world?

What if you current struggles could be transformed into opportunities. What if you understood yourself and those around you better so that your interactions benefit you and your relationships blossom?

I help my clients get clarity on who they are so that their dreams are fully accessible to them. I can help you thrive and grow instead of just survive and hope for the best.

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