5 Affirmations To Attract Anything

Five Affirmations to attract AnythingDo you know that we attract the things we desire? That ask and it is given is the way the Universe actually works? If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you probably already know how to attract your desires.  If you aren’t familiar, you may be thinking that luck (or lack of luck), a higher power that punishes or rewards, or your actions are running the course of your life.

Actually, it’s about the way you FEEL that guides the Universe to line up what you want. One of the best ways to up the way you feel and get into a zone of blissful creation is by using affirmations. An affirmation sets your intention for your thoughts and clarifies your beliefs. Believing is receiving!

To use these affirmations: get in a quiet space, breath deeply to clear your head and say them out loud!


1.  Fill in the blank:     _________ (Money, Inspiration, Weight loss, Love, etc.) comes quickly and easily for me, with no effort.

2.  When I think of something I want the Universe goes to work lining it up for me. 

3.  I have everything I need and everything I want is coming to me in perfect timing.

4.  The Universe always gives me what I want. 

5.   I am a master manifester! It’s fun to allow my desires to flow to me. 


You can also write these on cards or save them in your phone to refer to when you have some quiet time, before bed, or in a waiting room.

What affirmations have helped you the most?

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